VIVE Academy
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VIVE Alchemy offers an age-appropriate curriculum to teach children how they are designed to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move.

In VIVE Alchemy, we provide an easy and natural health routine that teaches kids how they can easily and naturally fight disease, heal sickness and control their weight by filling their minds, hearts, bodies, spirits and relationships with nutrients. VIVE Alchemy helps to build a strong foundation and create the healthy routines needed to become WHOLE PERSON HEALTHY.


VIVE workout

Misalignment, incorrect posture, shallow breathing and a shortened gait motion have negative impacts on our health. Unfortunately, kids are also suffering from the lack of necessary exercises to enable them to walk, sit and stand correctly.

VIVE Workout will help to stop and correct damaging patterns of movement that prohibit the body from sitting, standing, walking and moving as it is designed. This is a complete exercise program built to strengthen and stretch glutes, hip flexors, core and muscles in the feet, legs, back, chest, shoulders, arms and neck. Vive helps kids learn an restorative exercise routine to not only prevent breakdown, but lay the foundation to become faster and stronger as they grow and mature.


Sports training for middle and high school athletes

Training is not complicated. Most athletes are not receiving the correct instruction and training needed to facilitate growth throughout their most formative years. Today’s research indicates that young athletes are sustaining career ending injuries from overuse, overtraining and improper training. Unfortunately, the training market is flooded with poorly educated “trainers” and overly strenuous programs that hurt young athletes.

Vive addreses a real need in our community to help all athletes develop a solid foundation of strength, flexibility and understanding to avoid injuries from overuse, incorrect technique, improper teaching and the lack awareness of the early indicators of stress and strain. We provide a comprehensive program for athletes and parents who are serious about developing speed, agility, quickness, power and skills to take athletic talent to the next level.


VIVE KID Classes

VIVE classes teach the basic design of the heart, mind, spirit, body and how that design is nourished individually and collectively as a whole-person. VIVE Alchemy is in interactive process that teaches how every person is designed to Partner with your Body™ and become Whole-Person Healthy.


VIVE Academy

VIVE Academy is where we freely MOVE to Give our talents, time and truth to love and encourage our community. VIVE Academy offers the mobility to be an onsite community center virtually anywhere and meet people where they are in schools, businesses, churches, parks, neighborhoods and homes; teaching the basics to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health.