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Phase 1: VIVE Heart

Phase 1: VIVE Heart


Phase 1: VIVE Heart-Create time and space to Listen

The Heart is the core of the Human Design. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that our bodies are a reflection of our heart, mind and spirit and we have literally “bought” into the theory that lasting body transformation and change can happen apart from our whole-person. 

Welcome to VIVE Heart. We invite you to come in, take your shoes off, sit down and take a deep breath. You are welcome here. This is a safe place for you to discover how you were designed to feel, think, nourish, move and connect.

  • We are not interested in your performance, your results or what you can produce. Rather, we are interested in you and how you are doing. 
  • We are a community of men and women worn out, exhausted and done with the “do better, try harder, you’re not enough, competitive, kill yourself, no pain-no gain” commands, programs and formulas of today’s “win/lose and reward/ punishment” culture.
  • We are no longer motivated by shame, guilt, fear or pride mantras that are formulated to make us perform and earn.
  • We have discovered that we are not designed to plug ourselves into the latest and greatest formula and successful living cannot be measured, scored, calculated or determined by results. 
  • We have chosen to stop listening to all the voices that tell us how we should feel, think, move, eat and start listening to ourselves.
  • We have chosen a different way to live that nourishes and connects ourselves and each other. Trusting that a well-nourished self will create flow and balance that naturally produces a spirit, heart, mind, body and community that are experiencing life as we are designed.

We call this living as we are designed. 

VIVE Heart is the place we can learn to listen to ourselves. Feelings are not bad or good. They are what they are, feelings. Feelings actually tell the truth. Whenever we have a feeling, instead of trying to deny, distract or deflect from that feeling, why don’t we learn to listen to it and figure out where it’s coming from. Feelings are not the problem. They are not to be feared or avoided but responded to in an appropriate and respectful way.

When we don’t create the time and space to not only feel, but also to not to listen and respond to our feelings/emotions, then we are setting up ourselves to construct unhealthy pathways that our feelings WILL come out through. For instance when you feel sad, do you respond to that feeling by just being courageous and feeling it. Do you respond to being sad by having a conversation with yourself or someone else to process why you are feeling this way OR when you feel sad, do you avoid that feeling and distract yourself with work, workout, tv, food, or alcohol and force that feeling to come out sideways? 

The truth is that feelings are coming out and you will either respond to encourage the flourishing of emotional health or you will respond to encourage bad habits, patterns and addictive behaviors that use anything and everything to deny and distract yourself from you.

If you do not respond to your emotions and feelings the right way, then you will spend MORE time and energy responding to your feelings the wrong ways. Avoiding feelings will not only negatively affect your emotional health but will break down your mental, physical and relational health as well. Your heart, mind, spirit, body and relationships are connected. If you are unable to respond to your own emotions, then how will you ever be able to respond correctly to someone else’s emotions? If you are using food to stuff down emotions or create emotions, then your physical health and mental health will suffer. If you are using work to avoid or create emotions, then you will become imprisoned to work telling you how to feel. 

Bottom line is your feelings will determine how you feel, think, move and relate to yourself, others and your world. The question we are asking you to ask yourself is, “HOW DO I FEEL?” Are you willing to have a honest conversation with yourself about your feelings?

The first phase of VIVE Heart is Partnering with our Hearts and using our energy to create the space and time to listen to how we feel.