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Vive Alchemy: Phase 1

Vive Alchemy:Phase 1


VIVE Alchemy Phase 1

In this first phase of VIVE Alchemy, we are moving to ReVIVE our health and get our bodies to a place where they can shed weight and keep us healthy. We are also ReVIVING our minds and making sense of the years of misinformation that the diet and fitness industries have fed us to keep us confused and controlled.

We invite you to empower yourself with actual research about the mind, body, spirit and heart to break free from the old way of thinking that asks you to hand over your wallet, mind and heart and just do what you are told. 

The average fitness enthusiast:

  • continues to buy into outdated diet and exercise theories
  • refuses research that refutes those theories
  • uses the body as a means to an end
  • has a fragmented approach to food and exercise
  • identifies themselves by how they eat or exercise
  • finds their identity in a program
  • plugs themselvesinto the “latest” and “greatest” formula for fast results.

VIVE Alchemy is the new way to feel, think, move and connect as a whole-person. It is how we are designed to change from the inside-out. We invite you to become your best you and your very best Ally. 

THE VIVE 5: Body, Heart, Mind, Spirit and Table

ReVIVE your physical health with VIVE Body Basics. VIVE Body Basics are the things you “do" to Partner with your Body® to operate as designed to shed excess weight, prevent/fight disease, heal cellular damage and eliminate waste and toxins. What you eat and how you exercise/move are VITAL to your health and wellness.

We invite you to learn how you are designed to eat and exercise in a way that is natural, easy and completely sustainable. VIVE Body is a return to the real basics of human design. We were made to eat a variety and UNLIMITED amount of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes and nuts to satiation. We were also made for the most basic and natural form of exercise…Walking.

VIVE Body: You are invited to experience true design eating. Eating without rules, measurements or scales. Eating that fills you up, satisfies and nourishes your whole person. Each week, you are invited to experience and enjoy the foods that you are designed to eat. We hope you can sit down, relax, ask questions, discover what you like or don’t like and how to gift your body with the food it needs to live and flourish for you.

Our eating design is simple. We help you to create a partnership with your body to SATIATE and SATISFY the body with the necessary nutrients it needs to perform the millions of functions every day all the way down to a cellular level. Satiation and Satisfaction will happen with a Volume and Variety of Verified foods.

VIVE Body Eating Design

  • Eat what nature has given.
  • Eat as much as we want.
  • It’s more important what you eat than how often you eat.
  • Fill up on fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, whole grains and nuts.
  • Eat to fullness, so you won’t feel deprived or be deprived.
  • Eat a variety of verified sources of whole foods.
  • Use the color wheel as an easy guide to get a variety of nutrients at every meal.
  • Eat verified food sources that are organic and non-GMO.
  • Based on growing research, meat, dairy and other highly-processed foods contribute significantly to weight gain and disease. If you need to ease into reducing these products from your diet, we ask that you limit them to 1 serving a day. How quickly you want to lose weight and feel better will be determined by how closely you stick to nourishing yourself with whole foods and avoiding highly processed foods.

Walk in VIVE Body. Walking is the body's perfect exercise and walking is all you need to gain the health benefits of exercise. When the body moves as it should, every movement becomes an exercise that strengthens and stretches muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, as well as nourishes all internal systems. Walking, along with sitting and standing, should be the easiest and most natural movement that strengthens our bodies every day.

Unfortunately, most people do not walk, stand or sit correctly. This is because of the amount of time sitting that we started doing as children (when we entered school and sat at desks all day) and have continued to do so into our adult lives. Sitting for longer periods of time than we walked, played, ran or jumped caused the biggest muscles in our body to begin to weaken, which set in motion a physical breakdown of our entire body. This breakdown is felt and seen in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, groin, glutes, lower back, shoulders and neck. As a result, the time spent walking, standing or sitting incorrectly, stresses and strains the body, causing chronic pain and injury.

Workout in VIVE Body. Will help to stop and correct damaging patterns of movement that prohibit the body from walking, sitting, standing and moving as designed. It is time to learn to exercise correctly so that you can build a solid and strong foundation that changes the way you move thousands of times a day as you walk, sit, stand, reach and pull. Each day you will learn an exercise that is in our Basic Workout. In one month, you will have the entire workout down and will be able to join us each week in our Livestream workouts.

VIVE Heart: ReVIVE your emotional health. How you respond to your emotions determines how you respond to your body and mind; and how you live (eat, exercise, sleep, work, relate, etc.). Poor emotional health will result in poor mental and physical health. Your heart is at the center of who you are, so it is important to listen to your heart and respond in a way that doesn’t use things like food or exercise as distractions from your true feelings and emotions.

The first phase of VIVE Heart is to bring you to a daily awareness and understanding of how you feel emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Here we create the space and time for you to just listen to how you feel.

VIVE Mind: ReVIVE the way you think about the design of food, exercise and most of all, you. We invite you to understand the latest research. Mental understanding produces mental clarity. The way you think, feel, move and connect should make sense to you. VIVE Alchemy invites your educated mind to be as much a part of the way you eat and exercise as your physical effort.

VIVE Spirit: ReVIVE spiritual health. Is there a place and time that you can disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with yourself?

VIVE Spirit is a daily invitation to rest by learning how to breathe. Good indicators of spiritual health include rest, stillness and quietness. Each day we invite you to take a moment and learn to breathe to bring your heart, spirit, mind and body into a moment of rest that nourishes the whole person.

VIVE Table: ReVIVE the relationship with yourself. When you Partner with your Body®, you will give yourself the nutrients you need to think, feel, move and connect in the way you are designed to become your best Ally.

Practice The Vive Exercises

The VIVE 5 EXERCISES are the most basic exercises to nourish your whole person one day at a time. They come together in synergy to help you create healthy and nourishing routines.

The VIVE 5 Exercises to Partner with your Body®.

Each day we will walk with you through The VIVE 5 exercises and show you how these basic exercises are vital for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health.