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Are you wanting to get healthy but not sure where to start?

Resolve not to make another weight-Loss resoultion but start here at Vive and return to the basics of whole-person health. 



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Transformation happens from the Inside-out

In VIVE, we want to help you ask questions, discover truths and learn how you are designed to nourish not just your body, but your whole-person. Together, we will walk through 30 days of VIVE to help you remember that caring for your body is easy and the basics of nourishment are free; and are already built into your design. 


VIve teaches basic nutrition

In VIVE, we teach you exactly how you are designed to eat to fullness to lose weight and how to reverse, fight and prevent disease and sickness with food, sun, sleep, hydration, supplements and exercise. Discover how you are designed to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move to nourish your whole-person.

Vive teaches The Basic VIVE Workout

Through the VIVE Workout, we correct poor posture, misalignment and incorrect foot strike, so that you can exercise by walking "correctly" to strengthen and stretch your entire body at the same time. Experience a completely different way to think about exercise and movement. You don't have to spend hours in the gym to get the health benefits of exercise but you do need to discover how you are designed to move.

VIVE Creates space for real people

Our goal is to give you back control of your health through the process of VIVE by setting you free to nourish your whole-person with every breath, bite, step, thought and feeling; and not measure them. Our health is it's not on a watch, in an app, a hack, in a book or given to us by an "expert". Our health is in our hands and together we can remember how we are designed to breathe, listen, ask, look and move.

VIVE nourishes the Human Design

We have been spoon-fed misinformation for way too long and we have forgotten that health is not a result that happens when we put ourselves into a formula or program. Rather, health is a daily practice of good routines which are full of basic things that we are designed to easily and naturally do.