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Plant-based for 30 days

go Plant-Based for 30 days 


go plant-based for 30 days.

Lose weight, feel great and positively impact your environment by simply eating plant-based for 30 days. By signing up, you will receive all the information that you need to eat plant-based and satisfy your body's need for nutrients to rebuild gut health, lose weight and prevent, treat and reverse diet-related disease and sickness.

Why should you go plant-based?

  • Come on, you have tried everything else. 
  • It's free.
  • It's easy.
  • It's fun
  • It has tons of actual research behind it.

Research shows the eating plant-based can prevent, reverse and treat diet-related disease and sickness.


- Weight loss
- Increased longevity/life-span
- Increased fat burning
- Boosts metabolism
- Lower oxidative stress
- Lower inflammation
- Lower risk of heart disease
- Lower risk of Type 2 diabetes
- Lower risk of cancer in general
- Lowers risk of breast, prostate, cervical, kidney, colon, mouth, esophageal cancers
- Healthy gut
- Healthy immune system
- Brain protection from degenerative brain diseases
- Reversal of Type 2 diabetes
- Reversal of arterial plaques
- Lowers blood pressure and hypertension
- Lowers LDL
- Improves skin, hair, nails
- Optimal organ function
- Digestive regularity
- Lower AC1 levels
- Strengthens bones
- Enhanced athletic recovery
- Improved sleep
- Improved sexual health
- Lowers insulin resistance
- Prevents Crohn’s disease
- Prevents abdominal aortic aneurysm
- Prevents gallstones
- Improves cognition
- Prevents Alzheimer’s
- Prevents macular degeneration
- Prevents cataracts
- Raises childhood IQ
- Reduces allergies
- Reduces abdominal fat
- Improves body odor
- Reduces waist circumference
- Improved athletic performance
- Prevents preterm birth
- Increased DNA repair- reduced disease
- Lowers depression
- Huge environmental benefits
- Lower risk of parasitic infection
- Lowers risk of appendicitis
- Reduce progression of MS
- Lowers risk of kidney stones
- Beneficial treatment for rheumatoid and osteoarthritis
- Reduced symptoms in fibromyalgia
- Improve and/or eliminate autoimmune diseases (Lupus, IBS, etc.)

- Lowers heart disease risk by a minimum of 20%
- Lowers LDL from 10-15%
- 34% lower risk of ischemic heart disease than meat eaters
- Substituting 1 meat serving a day with plant based food lowers Type 2 diabetes by 23%
- A 12% lower rate of cancer in general, and much lower rates in certain types of cancers
- 48% lower risk of Alzheimer’s



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