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VIVE Mind: Human Design Development

VIVE Mind: Human Design Development

Human Design Development is where we come together to learn about how we are designed at our most basic level and how the design feels, thinks, moves and relates as one to experience and enjoy life. VIVE Alchemy will not only help you produce new awareness, habits and patterns physically, but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. This process will produce whole-person change that is sustainable and enjoyable. 

We have created the space for you to discover how you feel, why you do what you do, what to do and where to give. Human Design Development helps you to discover how your designed and how that design shares a commonality with all humans, while at the same time being completely unique. 

VIVE Alchemy invites you to the way you are designed to:

  • Approach eating and exercise
  • Feel about eating and exercise
  • Think about eating and exercise
  • Eat and exercise
  • Talk about eating and exercise

VIVE Alchemy is an invitation to approach eating and exercise the way we are designed.

You will either approach eating and exercise as a whole-person or as fragmented person. A fragmented approach reduces you to one part of yourself (like a body) and eating or exercise are reduced to a means to an end to get a result (like lose weight). A whole-person approach is when the body, mind, heart and spirit are moving, feeling, and thinking as one to eat and exercise, which nourishes the whole person connection naturally and easily. 

We don’t need to try another exercise program and we don’t need to do another diet. We need to rediscover the whole-person approach to eating and exercise that satiates and satisfies the heart, mind, body and spirit at the same time. A fragmented approach will always reduce you to the part of yourself that is the most controllable part. Usually, the most controllable part of yourself is the body. 

Diet and exercise programs are based on the idea that weight loss and good health can simply be achieved by tracking numbers and following formulas. The common weight-loss formula is: “calories you spend > the less calories you consume = weight-loss”. If it’s just about numbers, then your body (YOU) becomes a variable and food and exercise become just a means to an end. This variable (your body) is then plugged into the latest and greatest diet formula or exercise program in order to get weight-loss results. 

Diet and exercise programs, that reduce you to a body and reduce food and exercise to a means to an end, may temporarily work for weight-loss but are not whole-person healthy, sustainable for long-term weight-loss and will continue to disconnect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


VIVE Alchemy is an invitation to the way we are designed to feel about eating and exercise.

We enjoy food and exercise for what it is- a gift of nourishment. We don’t use food and exercise as means to change the way we feel. They (food or exercise) are not our best friend or our worst enemy. In fact, we don’t have a lot of emotions connected to food other than gratitude: as a gift that keeps us feeling, thinking, moving and living as we are designed. When we give ourselves the foods we were physically designed for, we give ourselves the foods that nourish our emotional, mental and spiritual health too.

When we use food and exercise to manage the way we feel, we will reach for the foods and exercises that may not be best for our bodies. Food and exercise can help improve our moods temporarily but are not designed to change the way we feel. (In other words, foods can not change your sadness, loneliness or anxiety. It can help distract you from your feelings and even cause the release of endorphins and serotonin but both are very short-lived results.) 

Food and daily movement that satiate and satisfy the body will be gifts that you can enjoy and will affect your overall emotional health but cannot and should not be something you use to change your feelings or emotions. Because, if you are regularly using food and exercise to try to make you happy, then you need to be aware that you have opened up a space for food and exercise to expose feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, shame, fear, etc.

The truth is, as we nourish our bodies with the food and exercise we are designed for, we will feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

VIVE Alchemy is an invitation to the way we are designed to think about eating and exercise.

When we can stop approaching food and exercise as a means to an end and instead approach it as a natural way to nourish ourselves, we can start to think differently about food and exercise. Instead of choosing an exercise or food based on its’ ability to help us lose weight, we can choose foods and exercises that satiate and satisfy our need for nourishment.

VIVE Alchemy is a mind-shift. We are moving from believing mass-marketed false information about food and exercise to learning the truth for ourselves. We want to learn how a whole-person approach to food and exercise can prevent and reverse sickness, disease and weight issues. At the same time, when we are nourishing our bodies and empowering it to do as it was designed; we start to understand the What, Why, When, and Where of eating and exercise.

A fragmented approach to food and exercise has made us very naive and misinformed. With this approach, we eat and exercise (aiming for a few specific results) without any thought process on how this type of eating and exercise will affect our whole-person health. When we start to think differently about food and exercise (because we begin to understand what they are designed to do), we will develop thoughtful ways to nourish our body, heart, mind, spirit and even our relationships, that will enable us to enjoy and experience life differently. As we learn to nourish and care for ourselves, we will think differently not just about food and exercise but ourselves, our community and our world.

VIVE Alchemy is an invitation to the way we are designed to eat and exercise.

You are designed to satiate and satisfy the body with food and exercise all day long. When you eat the foods that you are designed for, you should eat as much as you want. When you move as you are designed, you are able to exercise all day long in a way that does not break you down or wear you out but nourishes you with each and every step.

The body needs lots of nourishment to perform millions of functions on a daily basis. From the cellular level→ to the organ level→ to the systemic level, your body needs you to fill it up with nutrients that can satiate and satisfy the needs of each level. The body doesn’t need you to do the job it was designed to do- like fight and prevent disease and sickness and control weight. Your body needs you to be it’s partner and give it nourishment.

 The most basic foods, like foods you find in nature that you can eat immediately (after you wash it), will always be your best and most basic sources of nutrients. There is not a limit to the amount of fruit, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and spices that you could eat each day. In fact, the more you can eat, the better. These are nature’s gifts that give you everything you need in the right portion and right balance of nutrients each and every time. It’s whole food that satiate and satisfy the whole person design.

The same is true for exercise. You are designed to exercise. Exercise is necessary for you to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Exercise is so necessary for your health that you have exercises built into your design. One of the most perfect exercises that you are naturally designed to do is walking. In fact, walking is all you need to get all the health benefits of “exercise”. Each step not only helps nutrients move easily and more efficiently to all the right places but it also nourishes your whole-person.

VIVE Alchemy is an invitation to the way we are designed to talk about eating and exercise.

Have you noticed how much we talk about food and exercise? In today’s world, eating and exercising have become part of our identity as an escape, distraction or means to change the way we feel, look or relate. It’s even a way we rebel by refusing to engage in all the diet and exercise talk (and even then, we talk about not doing it so much that we end up being the same as those talking about doing it all time!). Food and exercise can also be where we go when we are sad, happy, angry, scared or bored. It has become more than a piece of cake or a five mile run when we are looking to these things to bring us feelings of being accepted, approved, liked, valued or loved.

Unfortunately, the bad news and good news is that no matter how much you love food and/or exercise, it can’t love you back. It can’t tell you who you are or change the way you really feel about yourself or even get others to love you. If you’re thinking and talking about food and exercise a lot, or all the time, you’re in a bad relationship with these things and it will always be a bad relationship because you weren’t designed to be in a relationship with food and exercise!

It’s time to change the way we talk about food and exercise. We can do this by living and experiencing a life that makes talking about food and exercise pretty boring. Instead, of talking, thinking, feeling, eating and exercising in unhealthy ways, we want you to eat and exercise the way you are designed and then let’s have a conversation about you, about your thoughts, opinions, dreams, passions and experiences. 

When food is just food and exercise and it is just what you do to nourish your whole-person, you will be free to look for other ways to enjoy yourself that invite real experiences, real relationships and real conversations about real things that expose and encourage the heart, mind, body and spirit.