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Vive Alchemy: Return to the basics

VIVE Alchemy: Return to the Basics


VIVE Alchemy: Return to the Basics 

VIVE Alchemy is true design living. VIVE means "to live". Alchemy is an extraordinary process that takes basic and ordinary elements and turns them into gold. We believe when we eat, move, feel, think and connect with others the way we are designed, then the internal connection of our body, heart, mind and spirit is nourished. As we are nourished, our gold -- (that is) our true design, our unique selves -- will continue to evolve and be revealed.

VIVE Alchemy is discovering how we are designed to experience and enjoy our lives by rediscovering how we are designed to eat, move, think, feel, relate and respond to ourselves and others. In VIVE, we remember that we already have everything we need to nourish our human design and to nourish our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits. By inviting all the parts of ourselves to receive nourishment, we can begin to enjoy gifts like food and exercise in a way that brings us health, happiness and hope. This process is a return to how we are all made to VIVE (to LIVE).

What do you need to VIVE? We need nutrients found in Food, Hydration, Sleep, Supplements and Movement. VIVE will teach you how you are designed to eat and exercise. We will also teach you how the mind, heart and spirit are just as much part of eating and exercising as your body. In fact, to deny the mind, heart and spirit in eating and exercising guarantees failure. By allowing your whole-person into Alchemy, we can easily uncover the truth behind our habits, patterns and choices. These truths will help you approach your body in a different way to give it the food and exercise it needs to feel, look and move its best.