VIVE Academy
Move to Give

Phase 1: Vive Table

Phase 1: Vive Table


Phase 1: VIVE Table- Create time and space to Move

Welcome to VIVE Table. We created VIVE Table for community and to be a safe place where you can rest and receive both nourishment and encouragement. VIVE Table is a place where you are invited to share a meal as you share your thoughts, feelings, passions, hopes and dreams. We hope this is a place where you can just be and find acceptance.

VIVE Table is special. While VIVE Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit are places where we encourage you to be alone and get to know yourself, VIVE Table is communal. It is a place you can Give Up your truth, time, energy and presence to others. As we get to know you and you get to know us, we all get to know ourselves more fully.

We are designed for community and we are designed for relationships. We will never really know ourselves fully without relationships. Community and relationships stretches, grows and creates space in us for more. VIVE Table embodies the truth that as we give, we receive.

What do we give at VIVE Table? We give ourselves. As we give ourselves and as we live as we are designed to give our truth, we help create a space that invites others to become the people they are designed to be.

VIVE Table may get personal, that is by design. Initially, we are going to share basic truths with you about our spirits, hearts, minds, bodies and relationships. After that, when we start to become a little familiar with each other, we are going to invite you to more.

VIVE Table is your place to feast on truth, rest, hope, encouragement, joy, food, friendship and conversation. We want you to become the best you in VIVE Alchemy. We look forward to sharing something more than information about food or exercise. Perhaps that something more will be you and your hopes, dreams, passions, truth and story.

VIVE Table is a place where we discover that we are the greatest gifts that we can give others.