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The Basics


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Today there are thousand of workout options available. Thousands. Yet, our society is the unhealthiest it has ever been. We are weighed down (both literally and figuratively), tired and overwhelmed with not only weight but information. Even when we do our due diligence to diet and workout, the majority of us are still very confused about what to do and how to fit all these tips, hacks, information, workouts and diets into the correct formula for health. The truth is that we are NEVER going to get healthy by doing a program or by using diets or exercises to lose weight. On the other hand, we will easily and naturally discover health when we rediscover the basics and learn how to do them extremely well.

At VIVE, we invite you to rediscover how you are designed to easily and naturally BREATHE, LISTEN, ASK, LOOK and MOVE to nourish your whole-person with the VIVE BASICS of spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and relational health.



  • Because it’s time we had a completely different conservation that frees you to eat, exercise, feel, think and move the way you are designed as a WHOLE-PERSON.

  • Because walking is enough but most people have a physical breakdown that we need to correct.

  • Because you are designed to eat and exercise without rules.

  • Because feelings, not the right information, actually determine what you eat.

  • When you know how you are designed to nourish your heart, mind, spirit, body and relationships, then you will be healthy and full.