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The VIVE Alchemy Process

VIVE ALCHEMY RESTORES HEALTH BY RESTORING WHOLE PEOPLE. rebuild the foundation needed for health by practicing nourishing routines.

  • Mind: Encourage the growth of attention and thought.

  • Spirit: Create the space for rest and restoration.

  • Heart: Learn how to listen to nourish emotional health.

  • Relationships: Experience a community of people, who are committed to supporting and encouraging one another.

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In VIVE, we want to help you ask questions, discover truths and learn how you are designed to nourish your whole person. Together, we will walk through 30 days of VIVE to help you remember that caring for yourself is easy and the basics of nourishment are not only free, but are already built into your design. 

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The first phase of VIVE is the start of a new conversation. We are creating the space and time to learn how we are designed to Breathe, Listen, Ask, Look and Move to nourish ourselves with the basics. We don't want this phase to be overwhelming. We are simply trying to use our time and energy to dig up old habits, discover a new relationship with ourselves, develop trust, clear out misunderstanding and misinformation; and rebuild the foundation of truth and understanding that we need to practice healthy routines and habits in Phase 2.

Phase 2:Practice the Basics

In Phase 2, participants move into the VIVE App where we continue to practice and strengthen healthy routines with the truths and The VIVE 5 Exercises learned in Phase 1. Phase 2 encourages the natural rhythm and flow from our truth foundation. During this time, we believe it is vitally important to have a lot of face time with participants in onsite VIVE classes.  Phase 2 is a 11 month process. 

Phase 3: BAsic Living and Dreaming

Phase 3 builds on the previous phases to have a deeper conversation with participants. VIVE will lead participants to discover their very own unique truth and talents that they can move to give others. We cannot wait to get to this stage to see the extraordinary results that building a solid foundation and practicing basic routines produces. 

Phase 3 is for participants who want to leave phase 2 to have a bigger conversation about identity, healthy emotional response to circumstances, participate in processes to discover talents and skills and have access to more VIVE classes.