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The VIVE Self-Care Cycle




"VIVE" means to live and "Alchemy" is an extraordinary process that takes basic elements and turns them into gold. At VIVE Alchemy™, we believe when we eat, move, feel, think and connect as we are designed, then the internal connections of the body, heart, mind and spirit are nourished. As you are nourished, your gold – that is, your true design — is revealed. VIVE Alchemy™ is experiencing and enjoying your true design by daily practicing The VIVE Self-Care Cycle. BREATHE, LISTEN, ASK, LOOK and MOVE™.


Many of us have forgotten that our breath alone offers us rest and restoration. Our breath can allow us to remember who we are when we remove the noise, the busyness and the chaos that surrounds us. It helps us rediscover our strength and our courage to be who we are designed to be and our breath serves as a constant reminder that we are alive and we have a purpose and a presence that the world needs. Breathing nourishes us and invites us into a posture to LISTEN.


How do you feel? Really. How do you feel? Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically and relationally. Many of us have forgotten how to listen. In our busyness our feelings have been ignored and our truths silenced. Our heart is always speaking truth. Can you hear it? You are invited to Give Up distraction, denial and deflecting yourself from the truth of how you feel. Give Up using things like food, exercise, shopping, working, TV, alcohol to distract us from listening. Listening to your heart is a very courageous act that moves you to ASK.


“Why?” is a critical question to ask. Have you stopped asking “Why?” Why do you do what you do? Why do you eat what you eat? Why do we think others can tell us more about ourselves? Asking why challenges us to not always allow our minds to be spoon-fed information and easy answers. In VIVE, we discover why our minds are naturally designed to be "mindful" and we open our minds to LOOK for truth.


The truth is we don't need diets or exercise programs. What we need is to rediscover how we are designed to eat to fullness, to soak in the sun, to drink when we are thirsty, to sleep when are tired, to supplement when needed and to walk correctly. Health is not found in a gym, on a diet or through an online program. Health is the daily process of nourishing ourselves with the basics to fight, heal and prevent sickness and diseases. Only when we know how to nourish our whole-person can we MOVE to care for ourselves and others well.


Food is not our counselor, our savior, our best friend or our worst enemy. We should enjoy the gift of food for what it is: life. VIVE Table invites you to enjoy delicious food that satiates, saturates and satisfies with fellow truth-tellers and help us in building the type of community that also satiates, saturates and satisfies our deepest needs as human beings. Join us in experiencing a feast that nourishes your unique design.